The 2011 Golden Globe Awards, Some Observations

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Last evening the celebrities were glistening on the red carpet of the Golden Globe Awards. The award show is said to be a glimpse into the not so distant future, not only predicting the winners of the Academy Awards, but we also see the earliest glimpse of the fashionable trends of the next year.

With the surprising achievements of Black Swan and the praise of its Best Actress getting star, Natalie Portman, it is no wonder that she & her Supporting Actress Nominee, co-star Mila Kunis, have influenced the fashion world with their characters simple style. Hair styles are worn well off the face, up and away from the ears, quite possibly in a bun or a elegant chignon. In this way, the ears are totally exposed, making them the best possible place to show off a gorgeous diamond stud. This look is truly complementing to almost any frame and due to this factor, the ballerina look took over the red carpet. Most actresses chose to leave their necks bare and enhance with a rather simple tennis bracelet or diamond ring, but on the occasions when they chose to wear something around their neck, it was gentle.

Future mom to be, Natalie Portman, simply glowed in her Viktor and Rolf gown highlighted by a lacy collar style necklace. Diana Agron, who is recognized as the character Quinn on Fox's hit show 'Glee', swapped out her pompoms for a dazzling nude colored outfit and donned a charming lacy necklace by Cathy Waterman (very comparable to in style to the necklace seen in footage of her from that event). The open and delicate style makes it possible for the wearers natural loveliness to shine through. Other actresses channeling their inner ballerina consist of 'Big Bang Theory's Kaley Cuoco and 'Modern Family's Sarah Hyland.

Sophia Vargara graced the red carpet in a unruly Vera Wang dress and in most cases you wouldn't give consideration to her gown to be amidst the best of the bunch. Then again, with her astounding body, how can any one ignore her. As the explosive Gloria, she brings to light that real women have curves and her huge nature needs big earrings to go with it. As a fan of the show, I have realized that she is consistently dressed in these larger than life drop earrings, and her look has jumped out of your small screen and to the red carpet. She was wearing splendrous diamond drops. She was not even the only one, also sporting the bombshell look was Elizabeth Moss & Christina Hendrix (Mad Men) and Katey Sagal (Son's of Anarchy), the ever illustrious Catherine Zeta-Jones and a stunning, pregnant Jane Krakowski of 30 Rock. If you are interested and would love more details about the pieces being featured in this short commentary, there are lots of articles and internet sites devoted to the Golden Globe Awards! All the best,
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The 2011 Golden Globe Awards, Some Observations

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This article was published on 2011/01/19